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The following actions provide a framework for KWMB activities over the next five years.
They build on KWMB’s vision statement consultation advice; existing strengths and opportunities;
current infrastructure, operational realities; and the practical aspects of providing a quality,
regionally inclusive, support option for women and girls into the future.

There are four themes the Business Plan addresses:

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Outcome / Action

Supporting Actions

1. Gain funding for Executive Officer and Financial Officer.

Prepare proposal to DWP and AAV.
Liaise with Vic. Women’s Trust.


2. Gain relocation funding.

Identify appropriate space and location.
Prepare costs.
Prepare proposal to AAV capacity building funds.


3. Establish KWMB as an ACE provider.

Follow through contact with ACE representatives.
Compile information requirements.


4a. Prepare and deliver customized leadership programs in 3 regional and 1 city location.

Liaise with VIC. Women’s Trust.
Identify best location and consult with communities.
Secure ACE funding for design and delivery.


  Photos - Koorie Women Mean Business Collection 1997 - 2000.
The Board of Directors apologise for any discomfort caused by the images of deceased persons seen in the photographs.
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