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Koorie Women Mean Business Incorporated, organised three luncheon activities;

A luncheon to celebrate the 32nd anniversary of the referendum, (1967), women and finance and women in the fast lane (women in sport). The 32nd Referendum luncheon was a resounding success Chairperson of the Council for Aboriginal Reconciliation, Ms Evelyn Scott agreed to deliver the keynote address and Ms Margret Wirrpunda providing a welcome. Our master of ceremonies being Dure Dara, convenor of the Victorian Women's Trust and Leanne Miller, chairperson, KWMB. The event was held at the Victoria Hotel, centrally located in Melbourne CBD.
There were over 90 women of mixed ages and demographic background in attendance. (Of which 50% were indigenous women.) There were Aboriginal women seated at every table to encourage dialogue and the opportunity to discuss speakers and issues. There was a last minute withdrawl and Ms Marjorie Thorpe, CAR state member, substituted for Chairperson Scott. The audience were receptive to Ms Thorpe's views on reconciliation and the draft CAR document of reconciliation.

From left to right - Marjorie Troupe, Dure Dara and Leanne Miller.
We provided an opportunity for attendees to ask questions on a range of topics through the use of note pads on their tables and then directing the questions directly to the speaker.

  Photos - Koorie Women Mean Business Collection 1997 - 2000.
The Board of Directors apologise for any discomfort caused by the images of deceased persons seen in the photographs.
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