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In 1999 a group of young women Aboriginal aged 13-19, approached us to provide a program similar to the Aboriginal Women’s Spiritual and healing camps in the state.

KWMB board agreed that we could undertake this but they were to form the project steering committee and work with us towards a day designed by and for them.
Excited by the prospect we had no shortage of volunteers they chose "Daughters of the Dreaming" as it fitted with their day. This was about information sharing on education and training, health and fitness - Paige Dowd ex-bodybuilder, personal grooming - make up artist Micheal Schieffer, and role models including Ilana Atkinson (singer).

In 2002 we were once again approached by Worawa Aboriginal College to host a program for their year 10-12 girls and their guests. They also adopted the name "Daughters of the Dreaming".
daughters of the dreaming 1999
daughters of the dreaming


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  Photos - Koorie Women Mean Business Collection 1997 - 2000.
The Board of Directors apologise for any discomfort caused by the images of deceased persons seen in the photographs.
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