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Message from the Committee of Management

Koorie Women Mean Business Incorporated (KWMB) would like to acknowledge all those individuals and organisation’s that have assisted us in preparing our map for the next five years.
Since KWMB was established, it has successfully weaved collaborative community projects and goodwill towards women’s aspirations, views and projects. These initiatives have brought together partners from various Victorian communities, Government and non-Government agencies, businesses, philanthropists and the general community.
The real challenges for KWMB as it evolves into an organisation that is even stronger in its support to women and their ‘business’ throughout Victoria.
The KWMB Board has witnessed an increased anxiety among Indigenous women about developments and trends in Victoria. High unemployment; additional layers to community structures; reduced standards of community service; lack of support for leadership development; racism and social tensions are all placing an increased strain on local communities. We recognise the vital role women play in creating practical solutions to these issues.
KWMB works in partnership arrangements with local women, their communities and supporting stakeholders to address their ‘business’ issues in ways they feel are right for them. To this end, we have worked towards clarifying causes of anxiety, barriers to aspirations and potential solutions. We have also provided practical support to Indigenous women in the pursuit of economic independence and other projects they feel address well being for themselves, their families and communities.
We look forward to increasing our partnership initiatives with Victorian communities as we continue to provide a strong base from which women’s views and aspirations can find a voice and practical support.

Leanne Miller

  Photos - Koorie Women Mean Business Collection 1997 - 2000.
The Board of Directors apologise for any discomfort caused by the images of deceased persons seen in the photographs.
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